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    to the Department of Biology

  • Carl-Zeiss endowed professorship for systems toxicology

    Funding for a new professorship in the Department of Biology in the amount of 1.12 million euros.

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  • working at the cell culture hood

    Headed for excellence

    The cluster initiatives "ChemLife" and "Collective Behaviour" have been invited to submit full proposals for funding.

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  • Why are algae special?

    Prof. Peter Kroth gave answers to the question in the tv report "Planet Wissen" of the SWR on 28/6/2017 - click image to see the interview (in german)

  • New cutting-edge research center on swarm and collective behaviour

    A new research center on swarm and collective behaviour will be built at the University of Konstanz. Through the analysis and visualisation of movement data of large groups of animals, experts from the department of biology, the deparment of computer and information science, and the Max Planck Society will develop new investigative approaches on swarm behaviour and group dynamics in animal groups.

  • Innenhof und Ausblick auf die Mainau

    The University of Konstanz in two minutes

    The university of Konstanz  introduces itself - click image to see the movie.


Buntbarsch Perissodus microlepis, im afrikanischen Tanganjikasee beheimatet. Foto: Heinz Büscher

“Left-handed” fish

Konstanz biologists discover relationship between “handedness”, brain structure and genes in extremely specialised cichlid fish

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